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We are experiencing the biggest global challenge of our lifetimes. This Covid-19 epidemic has brought the world to a standstill with total lockdown in most countries. The impact on economies are severe with local economies suffering in the short term. Hospitality, tourism, convenience etc. are industries that cannot conduct business online and their income has come to a standstill. Government help is complicated, takes too long and will not be enough

Most of them wont be able to survive if they do not get help.

We're in it together!

And we'll get to the other side together.

Get your bakery online

How can my business get online?

1. Businesses register on the FBM relief platform.
2. Basic checks are done to ensure the businesses are real.
3. The business profile will provide a good overview of the business and the passion behind it.
4. Then the shop is open for business!! - like this example.

Clients can select and purchase goods and services.
They will receive a proof of purchase that can be used to redeem this when the business is open for business again.
SImple but effective 🙂

Here's how it works.

Running a project has never been easier.

Submit your business.

FundedByMe makes it easy to launch a campaign for your business and get the funding that you need.
It’s free for all businesses that are seeking a way to get online during these tough times.

What makes a great business is reminding customers about your purpose, why you first started your business and what you need in order to carry you through these tough times.

Keep in mind

  • It’s completely free to list your business.
  • FundedByMe charges a 3% platform fee.
  • You can use your own language, together with google we will do the magic to translate.
  • We support multiple currencies but all transactions are settled in Euro.
  • 👉View our guide to create an appealing campaign

Submit your business

Get feedback

Once your campaign is submitted, our team will review the application and try to accommodate you as quickly as possible to go live with.

If we feel like something is really unclear we will give you some basic feedback in hopes that you strengthen the message.

Submit your business

Launch it to the world!

When you are approved it’s time to go live and here is where you will have to do some legwork in order to drive traffic to your campaign.

Most small and medium size businesses already have a mailing list of customers, a facebook group of active clients, an instagram page with active follower and these are all great mediums to utilize in order to get a broader reach.

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Track funding progress

FundedByMe makes it easy to keep tabs on what’s happening with your campaign and how you are progressing when it comes to stats, people that have pledged towards your campaign.

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What a fantastic feeling that is indeed, you’ve reached your goal and there is definitely some excitement in the air.

Now that the campaign has reached it’s goal you have the chance to withdraw your funds. Note: For certain countries it is much easier to get hold of their funds due to the global reach of our payment service providers.

Submit your business

Keep backers in the loop

Communication is they key to any good relationship. Backers want to here about your success and they are even willing to go that extra mile, tell them how they can help your business reach its funding goal.

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