Cervi Robotics – manufacturing medical face shields to support healthcare staff

None of us expected that the year 2020 would “greet us” with the global COVID-19 epidemic. Neither governments nor healthcare

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Jasionka, Poland

VentilAid – a breathing device that can be a game changer against COVID 19

We are building a respiratory support device - a small, compact "ventilator" that can be easily

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Cracow, Poland

Peers Bridge: The Swedish Work Culture Online Course

In these difficult times, we need to build bridges in our communities more than ever. Today,

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Helsingborg, Sweden

Her Impact – platform for women

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our reality. Hundreds of thousands of people lose their

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Warsaw, Poland

Raw Yoga Sweden

Raw Yoga a Swedish yoga-studio from Helsingborg, who would love to keep up our work with sharing

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Helsingborg, Sweden


Founded by two passionate women, Akenberg has since the launch in 2019, taken the first

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Luleå, Sweden