Create an appealing campaign.

  1. Intro.
  2. Instructions on what to include in your campaign.
  3. Example campaign based on the instructions above.
  4. Get help pushing it in social media.


How to create and LAUNCH your APPEAL and RAISE MONEY on the relief platform

We are in a national Lockdown – This is unprecedented and tough! 

Most small & medium-sized businesses have no way to transact online and rely 100% on face-to-face business

Are you one of them?
Your loyal customers would be eager to help in any way they can.

We have a plan!
We’ve enabled an online crowdfunding platform to empower your customers to support you until you open up again!!

How will this work?
The FBM platform will take care of the technology and the transactions – We need you to tell your story and launch your appeal. 

How will people know about this?
We will tell them! – by helping you to push this directly to your chosen audience. Based on demographic and geographical location with our Social Media Marketing Service.

Write your campaign document in 4 clear sections – we’ve added an example below.

  1. Identity

This is a clear statement of what your business offers or promises the market – Your Enterprise promise. This is a one line statement – followed by a short description.

  1. Motivator

This is a short description to tell people why you are launching this campaign and why people should support you. Make sure to state the outcome of the successful campaign and how this will positively impact your business as well as  your loyal customers.

  1. Business profile

Tell people about your business and the passion behind it. Oftentimes your regular customers do not know the real story behind the business.

This is a great opportunity to strengthen the connection with your customers.

This is also a great opportunity to realign the purpose and vision for your business.

Make sure you cover the following:

  • Enterprise Promise
    • What does your business promise to offer the market?
  • Customer Promise
    • Why – Why did you start this business – what were the problems you solved or addressed with this business?
    • How – How did your business solve these problems?
    • What – What exactly does your business do? – basic description
    • Who – Talk about the people that make your business what it is – the commitment, qualifications, experience etc.
    • Proof – Show any recognition and accolades your business received. 
  • Social Promise
    • Show how you give back to the community to make a difference.

  1. Target and rewards

  • List your sales target for this campaign and indicate what the funds will be used for. (How much money you need to raise)
  • The basic idea behind the campaigns are to stimulate cash flow and enable business owners to keep everything afloat until the doors open, and income is stable again.
  • List the rewards that people will receive when they support your campaign.
    • Discounted products
    • Recognition for their support – small gifts, names printed on the menu etc.

The products that they will receive at a (potentially) discounted rate is the first step. 

Now you can get creative and offer people some kind of recognition to thank them for supporting you. Things like:

  • Printing the names of all contributors on the front of your menu.
  • Additional in-store gift when pre-sold items are collected
  • Instead of discounts you can donate a % of the sale price to a charitable fund etc.

Follow the guide notes below and remember to:
keep it short – keep it simple but make sure it is real 🙂


This is an example of a fictitious local business to help you write your campaign.

  1. Identity: Make sure to integrate this so people easily recognize your business. This could be in the form of images.

Sharing our passion for good food, good wine, friends, family  and community.

Our family-run restaurant in Stockholm/Cape Town/Singapore offers everything that we are passionate about. 

We bring people together around a table to make memories. 

Our great food and some of the best local wines make this even more special.

  1. Motivator – Short campaign story

We have been serving our community for over 12 years and have many satisfied clients as well as loyal fiends. We count you as one of them 🙂 

The Covid-19 national lockdown has severely disrupted our business.

We are determined to get through this and to continue serving you and the rest of the community when this is over. – We need your help to do this!

Please support our campaign by pre-purchasing your favourite menu items or gift vouchers to help us stimulate our cash flow and keep staff on board during the lockdown.

  1. Campaign detail

Enterprise promise: What’s make you, you!

Sharing our passion for good food, good wine, friends, family  and community

Our family-run restaurant offers everything that we are passionate about. 

We bring people together around a table to make memories. 

Our great food and some of the best local wines make this even more special.

Customer Promise: Why are you attractive to customers?

  • We arrived in Paarl 12 years ago to start a new life. We loved the town and the area with its charm and history. What we could not find is a place where we could make friends, eat good food and have great wine.
  • We decided to create this place ourselves. We are both passionate foodies and wine lovers, but most of all we love people. So….. we opened this restaurant that was much more than a place to eat – it was a place to meet and make memories. This is where we made friends!
  • Our restaurant seats just over 100 covers and has a wonderful homely garden for outside dining in Summer. Inside we created an atmosphere that is homely rather than commercial. We change our menu regularly to capture the essence of every season and we try to procure only local produce. We serve some of the best wines that SA has to offer.
  • Most of our amazing team have been with us from the start and the same sense of family and community is embedded in our team culture. We truly are one big family that are inviting people into our “home” every day:)
  • Our valued customers have been giving us excellent reviews and feedback over the years and we are constantly reminded to live up to these high expectations every day….. And we do!

Social Promise: How do you make an impact on the community?

We are proud of our local community and we give back to our community by supporting local education and upliftment programs with donations and food parcels.

Our appeal – How can someone

This business is our passion and the livelihood of so many people

Please help us to keep this passion and dream alive

Support our campaign by pre-purchasing menu items or gift vouchers 

Targets and Rewards

This will help us to keep our business family together and keep the doors open, so you can join us for more great times when this is all over.

We managed to scale down our overheads for the lockdown period but there are still quite a lot that we have to cover. It is TOUGH with ZERO income.

  • Our target is to generate pre-sales for April of €5k – €7.5k through sales of the following:
    • Coffee x1 €2.50
    • Breakfast 1 x person €6.50
    • Lunch 1 x person €7.50
    • Dinner 1 x person €10.00
    • Gift voucher €10.00
    • Tips for your favorite waiter (named or general) €10.00

  • This will cover the salaries of staff that we cannot afford at the moment and ensure that your favourite waiters, waitresses and chefs are there to serve you when we open again.
  • Your pre-purchased orders and vouchers will be redeemable as soon as we open for business.
  • We won’t be able to exchange vouchers or orders for cash – only for the goods or services purchased.

We appreciate your help and we want to give recognition to everyone that contributed to our campaign. To show our appreciation 

We are going to print the names of everyone that contributed in our Menu.

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