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Raw Yoga a Swedish yoga-studio from Helsingborg, who would love to keep up our work with sharing and inspiring people. We believe yoga is for everyone, we always promote yoga should be done everywhere. Now live streaming is the only option for some of us, who see that because of COVID people can not gather as they used to, and that is also what our campaign is about. Getting financial support to improve our live-streaming and to make some professional yoga sessions to reach out to people who would benefit from doing yoga.

I have contacted a smaller, local TV-production team who has offered me to do that.
The cost is 50000 SEK

This is me reaching out for help to be able to keep up our work.

Raw Yoga Sweden

by Cecilia Alm

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Helsingborg, Sweden

Cecilia Alm

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Hi, this is me reaching out. A crazily passionated yogini who is running a yoga business in Helsingborg. I am offering yoga classes in my studio and I also offer yoga classes in outdoor environment.

I also work with Yoga convents starting my first the 28:th of march. Had to cancel it due to Covid-19. Which of course was an economic challenge. I also work with reaching out to businesses in Sweden to offer them a healthy yoga-break and to promote yoga as a great option for stressed employees. Who has to much to do and don´t find the time for breathing, selfcare and a healthy balance between on and off.

The situation right now is that I have gone live on Instagram, but is also planning to reach out in other channels so that people can benefit from doing yoga either from their working space or from home. On Instagram I am offering a lunch-yoga mon-frid for free. I call it “Sharing is Caring”. But I have made a bit of investments to manage to do it in a proper way. I would also like to make a few more professional movies where I guide people through a few yoga sessions. I have contacted a small tv-production team who has offered me to do that for about 50000 swedish crowns (5000 euro) if I could get that help I could both use the yoga-sessions for my customers, but also as PR to reach out to new clients and customers. So Grateful for your help! This is me reaching out for help to be able to keep up my work with teaching and sharing yoga knowledge. I love doing what I want because I also live after the quote. Always trying to make to see and to make difference for the person I meet. Everyday! Best regards Cecilia



One free Yoga session whenever you can visit us.

May, 2020

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If you support our business, we will be happy to thank you for sharing the links to the live-streamed yoga-classes + a month of free yoga at the studio in Helsingborg!

September, 2020

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You can come to all Yoga sessions for a full year!

May, 2020

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