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Founded by two passionate women, Akenberg has since the launch in 2019, taken the first steps towards becoming an international purpose-driven brand. However, the Covid19 pandemic has severely disrupted our business, putting our company under a great amount of pressure especially in terms of e-commerce. We have had to put the production of our next collection on hold which also greatly affects our factories, small family-run businesses in Italy, Greece as well as in Sattajärvi, Sweden.


by Jenny Olsson and AnnKathrin Lundqvist

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Luleå, Sweden

Akenberg is the small design studio with a big heart that beats for the sustainable and local. Based in Swedish Lapland, and inspired by our arctic surroundings, we design unique and hand-crafted sunglasses for the conscious individual. Check also out our Lookbook, or our Instagram page.

The world is constantly changing, with new discoveries and challenges that we must handle. As a company, we take an active part in this ever-changing world paving the way in our mission. Through our design we want to explore how we form our opinions, our relationships and ourselves when change is the only constant in life. As such, design is a constantly evolving process, and a natural part of modern life.

We handle our sunglasses as accessories, made not only protect the bearer’s eyes but to encourage men and women to express their individuality. During our first year we can proudly say that we have helped many individuals look and feel their best. Our customers aren’t just that, they have become our friends, sharing their personal experiences and styles when wearing our products.

We do not want to design unnecessary things. Each product has to have a given place and we have therefore decided to design accessories that have a function and a purpose, and we take pride in using environmentally friendly material such as cellulose acetate and bio-acetate. Our philosophy takes a holistic approach rooted in the Swedish nature, a unique and infinite source of inspiration. Every piece is designed in Luleå with quality, authenticity and sustainability in mind. Thus, each model is made in limited edition to bring true value and handicraft into your life. To last a lifetime.

A bold vision and small steps have led us to where we are today, with new designs ready to come into production, as well as a broadening of our portfolio with leather accessories. That was until Covid19 hit.

The global pandemic is affecting all of our families, friends, businesses and communities. As a small start-up company without big financial muscles, we are doing our best to live through the storm. However, as our retailers have been greatly affected, so has we with cancelled orders as well as web sales having dropped to a minimum. This implicates that we have no means to move forward with the already planned production of a capsule collection, which in returns affects our factories, small family run businesses in Italy, Greece and Sattajärvi, Sweden.

We believe that in the light of now, the only thing that is constant is change. We ask for your help to continue changing the world for the better. We are committed to pushing through this trying time, and we hope that existing and new customers can see the true value of our designs.

With love,
AnnKathrin Lundqvist and Jenny Olsson



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April, 2020

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