Backing the ambitious

Started by two entrepreneurs, Daniel Daboczy and Arno Smit, these two did not conform to what entrepreneurs are supposed to look like in a world of VC and Banks, Daniel a former art curator from Romania, Arno a software developer and entrepreneur from Namibia. On paper you could call us unfundable and there are millions like us. That's why we believe in backing the ambitious.

We turn passionate people into passionate owners.

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We bring businesses to life through storytelling in a compelling way that engages with like minded communities understanding their goals and vision towards doing business in the modern day and age.

Meet Our super Heros

These are the individuals that made this possible

Jenny-Lindén Urnes

CEO at Lindéngruppen AB
Jenny, thank you for your financial support, your time and effort to get this up and running.

Gustaf Rentzhog

Owner at Söderberg & Partners
Gustaf, thank you for your financial donation and help to get this up and running.


Swedens biggest companies organization.
Thank you to Företagarna for their network support

Joakim Jardenberg

Introduction to city of Helsingborg
Thank you to the city of Helsingborg for donating resources to get this up and running.